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Keep your Engagement ring safe while traveling

Updated: Nov 5, 2023


You never want something to happen to your engagement ring or wedding band, which is why some people prefer to get a "vacation ring" for their honeymoon or future trips.

Many things can happen, you can lose a diamond from the ring, dull the shine with sunscreen or lose it all together in the ocean or leave it on a bathroom counter, gone forever. If you are traveling in a high

risk country or city you could be subject to theft. You want to enjoy your vacation after months of planning the most important day of life instead of worrying about ring. So what are things you can do to minimize this stress?

  1. If you haven't already done this, get jewelry insurance for peace of mind.

  2. Plan when you are going to wear it. If you are going off the resort on an excursion or spending a day at the beach opt to use the in room safe and keep it safely tucked away.

  3. Going to the pool? Chlorine over time can cause damage to metals and water makes your fingers shrink so it could easily slip off without you noticing and letting some lucky person find lost treasure!

  4. Feel lost without a ring on that finger, purchase a beautiful vacation ring. Unlike your original engagement ring or wedding band which has irreplaceable sentimental value, a vacation ring could be a perfect solution

Moi-Glam offers beautiful affordable moissanite engagement rings or bands that would be suitable for vacation.

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